jason lytle ron cameron

Sorry, SOLD OUT…

Here is this new CD. It’s not a proper “full length album” that will be promoted , toured, talked about, or even acknowledged as “interesting ” by me.
So far……I have been describing it to my friends as ” a bunch of shit”…..or “a reason to clean up my desktop”……or…..”something that better not be called my next fucking album because I really dont know if I like any of it”.
On the upside ….it has plenty of “Arm of Roger” moments , so those of you who are into “christian-Ween-meets Beavis and butthead meets David Lynch-Mob Gang….you might like some of it.
Actually …it was an attempt to salvage some old left overs and apply my appreciation for Ron Camerons artwork into the music. I must admit there are a few o.k. moments…..but it has absolutely nothing to do with what I am working on for the (my) next album.

I dont intend on printing up anymore …and I plan on burning the hard drive that holds the material in a campfire in Zion National park while Mormon Hawks fly above on 100 degree air currents and look on in relief.